Wines and Health . . . .  The Benefits Are Being Grown In The Carolinas


Many people in wine conversations in recent times have mention that France leads the world in the lowest amount

of heart disease. It is also mentioned that France leads the world in the highest amount of red wine consumed.


All grapes have health nutrients in their skins, but only red wines, that are often fermented on the skins for the purpose

of extracting all the pigmentation for the color, is also extracting all the health benefits of the active agent Resveratrol.


Many independent experts have linked the Resveratrol and Red Wine consumption to a range of beneficial health effects,

including brain / mental health and cardiovascular health as well.  In the idea of consuming any wine for the health benefits,

many doctors throughout the world have commented that a simple 4oz glass of red wine a day can be beneficial to our health.

This thought then goes a step further in the research and study since we have realized

that there is a much higher concentration of Resveratrol in certain grapes.


The most amazing thing found as of late is when comparing all the Resveratrol levels in grapes grown throughout the

world, the native grape for us, only grown in the southeastern United States, the Muscadine, has far more

higher Resveratrol levels than any other grape grown throughout world.





The Noble's Wine Resveratrol levels is far higher

in its concentration range when compared to any

other grape varietals, as seen in this chemical

report. Come visit us  and see more information

concerning this breakthrough in research.


As we continue to learn of the medical research

towards the benefits of all of our red wines, the

new research findings have made us realize

the possible higher health benefits in our Noble wine.