Amidst all the fun at the beach in the sun, sand, waves, and water... the one thing we try to

take seriously at Coastal Carolina Winery is our love for the art of winemaking. Our team focuses

on each wine individually in all levels of production, and we try to meet all the different styles,

characteristics, and taste, plus the health benefits as well in our premium wines.  


White grapes are harvested, de-stemmed, crushed, and pressed immediately, resulting in

the pure juice that is wanted. It is then severely chilled at a cold temperature halting

any wild fermentations. That allows us the time to conduct multiple chemical

tests, focusing on each different grape variety.


We are looking for the style of juice we received that year during harvest from pressing,

each year is and can be completely different, so after careful analysis of the acid, pH,

and sugar levels, we can adjust the juice to the levels that we think are best

and begin the art of primary fermentation.




Red grapes are harvested, de-stemmed, crushed, and the combined pomace is pumped into large stainless steel tanks.

The true color of red wine is derived from the fermentation on the skins. The longer the skins and juice contact, the darker

the color of the resulting wine will be. When we feel the skins have perfectly done their job for the wine's benefit, at the

exact right moment, we'll hand shovel the pomace and press off the juice to continue in the primary fermentation stages.

Temperatures of the tanks are individually set and monitored at different levels for each of the wines.  Primary and secondary

fermentations can be as short as 3 weeks or as long as 2 months, each depending on the style wines that we are creating.


Our team monitors each wine chemically on a daily basis throughout its life before they are bottled. Constant chemical

lab analysis, temperature controls, heat and cold stabilizations, sterile filtrations, and other unique customized techniques

are the intricate part of our teams process in creating the high quality wines that we enjoy.


Many of our wines will age for multiple months and years after primary fermentations, each building their own unique

character. Maintaining total control over every facet of our production has been Uwharrie Vineyards passion from the start.

Our goal was to have multiple different wines, each unique with their own character and style.


Defined by the elegance, craftsmanship, and climate, our grapes are produced into these hand-crafted enjoyments.

They reflect both our commitment to quality in the vineyards and the skill, expertise, and artistry in our team, with which

our winery builds to the highest goals. So next time at the beach, plan a visit and come enjoy the delicious expression

of what Coastal Carolina Winery and winemaking is all about. "Where It's Always Wine O'Clock Somewhere"