One thing that we enjoy doing so much in our gift shop is

featuring so much natural local art in itself. We have worked

directly with hand made pottery makers, spinning and making

their own styles of art by hand. Each piece is so unique,

and we have included so many collections that are both

functional and artistic in all categories.


We work directly in showcasing many of the local painters,

sculpturist, and artistic designers. We have a true love of

art in itself, and enjoy showcasing so many of the local

beach artist here.  We also have a multiple wide selection

of all types of food items. Salad dressings, jams, jellies,

salsas, dips, oils, marinades, sauces, honey,

and butters, just to name a few.




Along with all these items we have a complete assessment if novelty wine items in every direction. Plus clothing, jewelry,

chocolates, drinks, and more!!! So come out to the winery to enjoy the afternoon and see just some of the many things

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon !!!