Whether you're a wine enthusiast, friendly lover of wine, or getting to know the  art of tasting wines

for the first time, Coastal Carolina Winery is the perfect  place for an enjoyable day with friends and family.


Our facility is a great place to come, relax, and enjoy the afternoons. Our great staff are wine lovers

and are happy to  introduce you to all the wonderful wines we produce, make suggestions suited

to your unique tastes, and ensure that you will enjoy a fun day at the winery.


Our motto and theme is simple, because in traveling in life it's always about finding the right destination


As you arrive, you'll be given a full list of all of our wines. You can easily ask questions about the wines,

as you check off the ones that you would like to taste. Individuals together don't have to choose the

same wines, each can select multiple different ones to try, each to meet their own taste buds.


Now we also make 3 different styles of fresh frozen wine slushies that

can be sampled as well. There is just so many things to choose from.



Wine Tastings:

Sampling 7 Wines: Only $5


Choose To Keep The Large 15.5oz

Souvenir Wine Glass After The Tasting : $3



One thing that we enjoy doing so much in our gift shop is

featuring so much natural local art in itself. We have worked

directly with hand made pottery makers, spinning and making

their own styles of art by hand. Each piece is so unique,

and we have included so many collections that are both

functional and artistic in all categories.


We also have a multiple wide selection of all types of food

items. Salad dressings, jams, jellies, salsas, dips, oils,

marinades, sauces, honey, and butters, just to name a few.


Along with all these items we have a complete assessment

if novelty wine items in every direction. Plus clothing, jewelry,

chocolates, drinks, and more!!! So come out to the winery

to enjoy the afternoon and see just some of the many things


We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon !!!