Finding and seeing the stride and life of an artist is a amazing

gift in itself. It's great to see the reflection of emotions in

every piece of work, by both the artist who created it,

and the viewer who is actually seeing it.


Every artist is different in their own styles and techniques,

yet all show their emotions and love for life in each

of their pieces. It allows each artist to grow, learn,

and find purpose in every movement of their works.


So many of our artist here, capture their love for the

beaches, coastal lakes, and its unique and sea wildlife,

in every work of art that they do. We also have a team of

artist that can be personally contracted to work on

a customers personal paintings, sizes, and designs.




We enjoy the arts, so we like to showcase directly many of the local artist in our gift shop.

  Cathy Turner  Kelly Atkinson    Barnie Slice  Jim Nelson Janelle Feeney  Cindy Silvers Jane Woodward Ellen Williams  
Zan Thompson Brenda Branson
Carol Pighin Gail Joley
Carol Carstarphen Gwen Heusel
Lucia Jones Barbara Keller
Betsy Jones McDonald Lisa Blayton
Catherine Vaccarino Cynthia Shuler
Keith Wilkie Nancy Van Buren
Terry M Strawser Dorothy Ellis
Celia Wester Midge Ovenshire





Our Team here at Coastal Caroline Winery really tries to

showcase more of the local beach surroundings native to

our own area. Throughout the year we arrange private wine

and art gatherings, showcasing a local artist newest creations, doing personal signings, and obviously while being paired with many of our great wines and fun evenings.


Visit our website often, to sign up and see the latest

news and events happening here at the winery.

We Look Forward To Seeing You !!!