The Farm Craft Studio contains a collection of over

seventeen years of work, projects, and events

generated in the beginning at their home base.

The foundation name of which is "Sleeping Dog Ranch".


It has truly been a magic space from day one. Love at

first sight so many say, and it's the reason why the

owners bought the proprty in the first place. They just had

a feeling, and each and every year since beginning, it has amazingly expanded in every direction imaginable.


Founder Pat Allen, suddenly had the surprise on the

property one evening by witnessing the birth of their very

own first baby goat. The goat population suddenly grew

in the coming future years, and thus the birth of the

Goat Milk Soap & Lotions was finally born.




The Benefits of Goat Milk Skin Care

The secret is in the butter fats that get turned into soap during the "Saponification" process. This procedure is

the chemical reaction that turns the liquid, lye, and oil into soap. Goat Milk contains butter fat, water,

lactose (a milk sugar), casein (protein), and salts.  But because Goat Milk is naturally homogenized, the

butter fats and milk proteins react with lye and form a fat rich soap in addition to Vitamins A, D, E, and K


Vitamin A  

A form of retinal: improves collagen density, skin elasticity, tone, texture,

lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin surface

Pro-vitamin B5   Attracts moisture to hair and skin, and has regenerating and softening effects  
Folic acid (B9)   Essential in healthy skin cell development, growth, and maintenance of new cells  
Vitamin C   Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, improves skin elasticity  
Vitamin D   Sustains healthy skin tissue  
Vitamin E   Antioxidant, is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and offers healing & anti-aging effects  
Vitamin K    Known for diminishing small skin bruises and softens affects of Rosacea  
So What Does This Mean To You? . . . . The Vitamins In Goat Milk Attracts Moisture To Your Hair & Skin
1....   It Regenerates, Softens, & Soothes Your Skinís Surface;  
2....   It Contains A Form Of Retinal That Improves Collagen Density  
3....   It Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory That Sustains Healthy Skin Tissue  

Is An Antioxidant: Diminishes Small Skin Abrasions, Softens Affects Of Rosacea,

& Contains Nutrients Essential To Healthy Skin Cell Development & Maintenance