Our Coastal Carolina Winery Team understands  that wines can be a great enjoyment for celebrating

special moments, events, and achievements. We also understand that memories can be simply

put into place by having custom wine labels which is great advertising for your event. Our winemaker

and Team presents customized choices of our fine premium wines to accompany your taste and

give your event a unique flare of its own to what you have envisioned.


In creating your own label to specialize sales for your business, event promotions, and  corporate

gift-giving to brand enhancement, we enable you to develop quality wine selections for any special

occasion. We have created gift baskets, along with marketing material, to make it really stand out.


For businesses, we can develop a custom wine package  featuring your company logo,

corporate identity, or even original artwork. We have our own Microsoft software engineers

 in house, that can assist in any new graphic designs or images needed for your branding.

Applied to the Coastal Carolina Winery's varieties of your choice, such a package

ensures that your customers, clients, and/or club members will enjoy a truly unique

bottle of wine, one that stands out, and sends the message of your choice.