"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried,

with fewer tensions, and more tolerance."

                        ~ Benjamin Franklin



"Wanna go back down and lie beside the

sea there, With a tin cup for a chalice, fill

it up with good Red Wine, and I'm a

chewing on a honeysuckle vine"   

                                 ~ Jimmy Buffett - Album A1A



That's the basis on the belief behind Coastal Carolina Winery Team. We feel that life, as with great wine,

should be enjoyed to its fullest, because each day in life is a true gift to enjoy in every level.  A good bottle of

wine should enhance any meal with friends or family, accompany a romantic moment, or to

be enjoyed during a moment of relaxation. Most of all it should be fun.


We are often asked, "What is the best or favorite wine"? Our answer is always the same,

  "Whichever One You Like The Most". Remember a connoisseur is a specialist who knows

everything about something, and usually nothing about everything else. So unlike so many other

connoisseurs, we try to meet all different taste buds with so many different and unique style wines.





So enjoy visiting our website and we encourage you to

plan a visit to see us soon and taste some of our

hand crafted,  award-winning wines. All are different in

their styles and characters. Then you can decide

which is your personal favorite.


Plan on spending some time enjoying the great

beach area. There are so many things to see all

during the different times of the year. Most of all enjoy

the time, take care and travel safe, and have some fun.

We look forward to seeing you!